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The Educated Malamute 

" Wook's Books "

IAMRA would like to extend their sincerest gratitude to all of our winners for your generosity and participation in this 2017 auction!  Huge thank yous, also, to the people who sent in donations to support these special ‘kids’ in our Sanctuary program. 
Also, to the kind people, who donate these books to celebrate and help facilitate our Sanctuary Sweethearts, please know that we really do, appreciate you!

All contributions, to “Wook’s Books” have made many hearts smile and tails wag, both here and over the Rainbow!  ~ Wookie~

To View the Sanctuary Dogs in IAMRA’s loving arms, today:  CLICK HERE.

Please be as generous as you can with your bids because this is a fundraiser for some very loved and extraordinary Sanctuary Dogs in IAMRA’s care. Also, know how grateful, Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association and their Sanctuary Sweethearts are for all of the fine books that have found their way to “The Educated Malamute” aka “Wook’s Books” Auction.  

(Please note that all books that are won by the high bidders will also come with a little doggie "trick or treat" too!)

If bidding becomes beyond your means, you can still make a difference in the life of a Sanctuary Sweetheart by clicking on “YOU CAN HELP and making a tax deductible donation for our cause.

All past, present & future dogs, rescued and put into IAMRA’s Sanctuary Program were, are & always will be given the Best Medical Care, by IAMRA and the Comfort they deserve in their twilight years, in a special foster home.   Make no mistake, this is more than a program for old dogs…It is a new beginning and journey for these wonderful dogs and their foster families.  Both families and fosters are touched in a way that brings Love to a new level and the memories they share will be cherished forever and are priceless. 

Please be generous in your gifts.  It means the world to a dog whose life is about to be terminated in a shelter somewhere, because he or she is out of options.  Thank you for your kind support.

This particular Auction was lovingly inspired by a very, very special Alaskan Malamute & Sanctuary Sweetheart, Wookie.  He now resides at the Rainbow Bridge, all together again, with his wonderful foster siblings, Cleo, Gia & Boo.

 “If Love could have saved them, they would have lived forever.”


(Sincerest thanks to  IAMRA's "Mr. Wizzard" who keeps our auctions up and running...You are much appreciated!)

Auctions have ended