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30-Second Ab-Solution by Nick Nilsson
30-Second Ab-Solution
Nick Nilsson

Book author, Nick Nilsson is a fitness professional who is known, in the industry as the “Mad Scientist of Muscle.”  He is a phenomenal trainer and has earned his ‘muscle,’ from working hard first, and, then writing the result in his books to help others.

Nick brings you this autographed trainers guide…”30-Second Ab-Solutions, A Trainer’s Flat-Stomach Workout Secrets Revealed.”

Want to start looking good after Turkey Dinner???  It will take a little time, along with some hard work, but Nick will get you there with his 30-Second Ab-Solution. 

On a side note, notice the picture of Nick with his pack…Moke is the dog behind him.  Adopt a Husky’s Sasha is sitting behind a handsome young Malamute lying on the ground.  For those of you who followed the story of a Malamute lost on a golf course a few years ago…Yep that is Shadow, (formerly IAMRA’s Aragorn)  This little pack are Nick (& Kelly’s) personal  trainers when it comes to multiple walks in a day!  Lucky dogs…Happy family!

Please be generous with your bids…Nick and Kelly spent 21 days, rain or shine helping to hunt for Shadow when he was romping the golf course.  They fell in love with him, fostered him once captured and then made him an official family member….Rescue is hard work and this story had a very happy ending.  This book was donated to help earn some funding for some very deserving Sanctuary dogs in IAMRA’s care.

IAMRA extends sincerest thanks to one of the nicest & brilliant fitness guys out there, Nick Nilsson.  Thanks so much for your autographed book!  After you master the Abs, Nick has other books available to help you get into shape…visit Nick’s site  at www.fitstep.com

Current bid is $43.00 by DebbieTobin
For more information on 30-Second Ab-Solution by Nick Nilsson please click here
Laughter Legacy by David Ginn
Laughter Legacy
David Ginn
This is a vintage, autographed, first edition book that was printed February 1, 1998.  That is 20 years ago and it looks brand new.
"Do you want to make people laugh?"  Read between the covers and you will.
"David Ginn's Laughter Legacy is "Dedicated to the Memory of Gene Gordon, magician, author, magic dealer, funny talker, mentor and friend."
"...with over 1300 jokes, gags, one-liners, quips, remarks, and bits of comedy wisdom that you can use in dozens of situations when you're talking to people."
This is a fun read that would be a really great holiday gift for the 'funny man or woman' in the family! It is a gift that will be unique too.
Please bid generously...this is a great book, in great condition and it will benefit the Sanctuary dogs in IAMRA's care.
IAMRA fosters send out a "Thank Woooo" to Clare and Sugar for your constant support of rescue.  We appreciate you.
Current bid is $50.00 by Nettie Lambert
For more information on Laughter Legacy by David Ginn please click here
The Huskies & the Christmas Fawn by Hal Young


by H.M. (Hal) Young, 

Illustrated by Barbara Branham

This 2007 first edition book is one of few that is Autographed by both the Author and Illustrator

What a wonderful gift for a youngster or Holiday Enthusiast!

The HUSKIES AND THE CHRISTMAS FAWN is a work of imaginary brilliance. It is insightful, delightful and teaches meaningful life lessons in an entertaining and thought provoking way. Once you own it and read it, like "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS", it will become a fireside classic, in your home, to read to youngsters and northern breed enthusiasts, year after year, as the snow begins to fall.

IAMRA would like to thank Adopt a Husky and the Mini-Mushers for their help and support in bringing this wonderful edition to Wook's Books.

Current bid is $50.00 by tsankawi37
For more information on The Huskies & the Christmas Fawn by Hal Young please click here
Healing Circles by Joy Davy
Healing Circles
Joy Davy
This autographed book is its own help counselor for those who are grieving, healing & bonding with animal companions.  It helps you understand, full circle transition from love through loss.`
"This book is dedicated to all the heroes in animals' lives:  The rescuers and the adopters, the activists and the educators, all those who have reached out to help heal an animal, and all those who have been healed by an animal.  Keep on going , with your heart open."
Thank you Joy for donating this outstanding book to IAMRA's auction to help the Sanctuary dogs in our care.  Your support makes a difference and we appreciate you!
Current bid is $40.00 by Joy
For more information on Healing Circles by Joy Davy please click here
The Hellhound King by Lori Devoti
The Hellhound King
Lori Devoti
" "Miss me Princess?"
A hint of a smile curved Raf's lips, then was gone.
He stood, moved toward her so quickly Marina thought for a moment he shimmered.  Then before she could breathe, before she could sort out what was happening, he pulled her against him.
"No regrets?" he asked staring down into her eyes.
"Not a one?" "
Author, Lori Devoti captivates her reader as the story opens, engages and then...
IAMRA would like to extend sincere appreciation to, the author, for her generosity and support of rescue.
Current bid is $26.00 by Virginia
For more information on The Hellhound King by Lori Devoti please click here
The Conservative Heart by Arthur C. Brooks
The Conservative Heart
Arthur C. Brooks
"Brooks argues that it is time for a new kind of conservatism, one that fights poverty, promotes equal opportunity, and extols spiritual enlightenment. It is an inclusive,optimistic movement with a positive agenda to help people lead happier and more fulfilling lives."
A happier and more fulfilling life are a part of everyone's dreams.  Thank you to a very generous advocate to rescue for donating this autographed book so that our Sanctuary dogs will have a happier and more fufilling life in their twilight years.  We sincerely appreciate you!
Current bid is $35.00 by Vicky
For more information on The Conservative Heart by Arthur C. Brooks please click here
The First Great Race by Dan Seavey
The First Great Race
Dan Seavey
"Many have dreamed of quitting their job, packing up the family, and moving to the Last Frontier.  
Dan Seavey, a high school teacher from Minesota did just that.  With his wife Shirley and three small children, he drove the Alaska Highway in 1963 and homesteaded north of Seward, Alaska just in time to survive the Great Alaska Earthquake."
Read more about Seavy's adventures fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a musher...
This autographed book, by Dan Seavey, has been donated, in loving memory, of a gently Siberian, Aurora and a wonderful team of sled dogs who now run, in the skies where the northern lights dance.  They showed an entirely new world, to a recreational sledder, who loved them so.
~Thank you dear friend~
Current bid is $30.00 by MusherMary
For more information on The First Great Race by Dan Seavey please click here
Another Good Dog by Cara Sue Achterberg
Another Good Dog
Cara Sue Achterberg
"Volunteering for a dog rescue organization provides novelist Achterberg (Practicing Normal) ample material in this chatty, earnest memoir of her first 18 months as a foster pet owner. Following the death of her family’s 17-year-old hound, Achterberg decides to foster rescue dogs in an effort to “ease the hurt in [her] heart.” Her plan is to “essentially give them a tryout, and keep the one that’s best,” while also finding distraction from worry over the reception of her debut novel, and blunt the pain of her eldest son leaving for college. But each adoption means “coming to terms with saying goodbye,” a sadness only alleviated by the arrival of another rescue: “This was how bad the addiction had become.” As expected, the narrative revolves around tales of dogs and puppies, some sweet like skinny Frank with the long tongue, some heart-tugging like Momma Bear with her mutilated ears and tail. What’s unexpected are Achterberg’s personal reveals: her husband’s “It has to stop” ultimatum, her emotionally intense teenage daughter’s participation in a beauty pageant, and her younger son’s health complications. Some readers may find the “Rescue. Foster. Adopt” drumbeat too repetitive, but the stories and photos will delight those who have a soft spot for dogs and the dog rescue mission."
Sincere thanks, Cara, foster to foster, for graciously donating your wonderful experience in this Autographed  book.  Hopefully, all who read this master piece will realize the priceless value of "fosterhood."   You have made such a difference in the lives of so many dogs and it is dearly appreciated and applauded.
Current bid is $40.00 by Joy
For more information on Another Good Dog by Cara Sue Achterberg please click here
Finding Sarah by Sarah Ferguson
Finding Sarah
Sarah Ferguson
"Finding Sarah is an extraordinarily personal memoir by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. As she spends time with Dr. Phil McGraw, she gains a new understanding of her relationship with herself and with others. Suze Orman helps Sarah unravel the poisonous money issues she suffers from. Martha Beck teaches her how let go of her negative self-image. Many other friends and experts populate these pages and you will meet them all. Sarah's journey, in so many ways, is everyone's journey and as she shares her story with us she also shares the advice and wisdom she benefited from along the way. Her struggles with adversity have taught her that life's lows can become a source of strength and courage. She knows, first hand, what it means to feel lost and she also knows that it is never too late to find your way back, to attain your goal, to take back control of your life and to make a special dream come true. Through intimate diary excerpts and personal emails from friends and family, Sarah opens herself unsparingly. On every page of this book you will hear from Sarah's friends and guides, her "real-life angels," as they help her get to the root of her problems—from comfort eating to self-loathing, from reckless over-spending to notorious mishaps. You will learn from them, as she did. In this way, Sarah hopes not only to talk to you as a friend but to inspire you, through her own experiences, to look closely at your own life and where you wish to improve it, then to encourage you to follow your instincts and find your true path. Sarah Ferguson did, and so can you. "
This autographed and interesting read was brought to you by a friend of rescue to help support the Sanctuary program within IAMRA.  They are never too old to need love so please be generous.  Thank you for your support.
Current bid is $44.00 by kelly@iwantaniceagent.com
For more information on Finding Sarah by Sarah Ferguson please click here
Let's Start a Riot by Bruce McCulloch
Let's Start A Riot
Bruce McCulloch
"A biting, funny, always revealing collection of personal stories from the legendary Kid in the Hall, comedian, writer and director, Bruce McCullochComedian, chronicles his journey from wild early days as a ‘young punk’ in 80’s Alberta, to his flannel plaid days and futon nights in 90's Toronto, to becoming a ‘pajama-clad dad’ living in the Hollywood Hills. From scowling teenager to father of two, this biting, funny collection of personal stories, peppered with moments of surprising poignancy, proves that although this infamous Kid may be all grown up, his singular brand of humor and signature wit remain firmly intact"
Sincere appreciation is extended to the folks at Malcatraz for this comedy relief.  What a wonderful idea for the person who might have everything...but you can never have enough smiles or laughs!  Enjoy and thank you for helping the Sanctuary Sweethearts..
Current bid is $35.00 by crbruggs
For more information on Let's Start a Riot by Bruce McCulloch please click here
Dogs of the Iditarod by Jeff Schultz
Dogs of the Iditarod
Jeff Schultz
"Alaska's famous furry citizens, the dogs of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, are the most athletic canines in the world. From puppyhood to first days in the harness, from championship runs across a thousand miles of snow to years of pampered retirement, these spectacular dogs are indeed man's (and woman's) best friends."
Enjoy Jeff's account of these amazing canine athletes and how important a bond is between a musher and man's best.
Thank you to a wonderful advocate of rescue for this amazing book.  IAMRA really appreciates your support.
Current bid is $29.00 by MusherMary
For more information on Dogs of the Iditarod by Jeff Schultz please click here
The Barker Street Regulars by Susan Conant
The Barker Street Regulars
Susan Conant
The plot thickens and mystery can develop with each turn of the page as Rowdy and Holly go about their day.  Will you be holding your breath in suspense or laughing at the antics of an Alaskan Malamute?
Sherlock Holmes, look out...We have Rowdy on your tail!
IAMRA extends sincere thanks to author, Susan Conant for donating this autographed book for our auction to benefit the Sanctuary Sweethearts in IAMRA's care.
Current bid is $45.00 by nettie lambert
For more information on The Barker Street Regulars by Susan Conant please click here
Kevin's Kitchen by Kevin Lee Jacobs
Kevin's Kitchen
Kevin Lee Jacobs
Kevin Lee Jacobs is a captivating blogger.  His knowledge of plant care and propagation, fabulous tips for the garden and brilliant redecorating ideas & skills are superb!

Kevin is master of his kitchen and brings you this decadent compilation of mouth watering recipes that will have your family and guests wanting for more…so make sure that everyone saves room for one of the tantalizing tastes of after-meal bliss that he brings you too…DESSERT!

On a side-note, Kevin is an advocate of rescue.  His pups are always welcome in the kitchen to sniff the enticing aromatic allure that floats through the house when this culinary genius is whipping up something.

“How can I refuse” was Kevin’s response, when asked for a signed copy of his cook book to benefit the Alaskan Malamutes in IAMRA's Sanctuary program.  

IAMRA is extremely grateful for the book that completes our baker’s dozen – the Cook Book, for this auction.    IAMRA is honoring the memory of Kevin’s beloved Beagle, Lilly and her inspiration to his many callings in life.

Thank you Kevin, for making a difference in the lives of our dogs.

 Please be very generous with your bids for rescue

Current bid is $55.00 by 4onthefloor
For more information on Kevin's Kitchen by Kevin Lee Jacobs please click here