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There are currently 53 Mushers registered to run
We have 53 Mushers reserved
Mushers can be reserved for $15.00 each. Once all mushers are reserved, a double blind draw will assign mushers to everyone with reservations
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Musher Name Claimed by City State Country Status
Matthew Failor kapnick Willow AK USA Finished
Peter Kaiser tammie Bethel AK USA Finished
Jessie Holmes rescuemal Nenana AK USA Finished
Jessie Royer Kimdata1 Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Jason Campeau crwatk Rocky Mountain House AB CANADA Finished
Joar Leifseth Ulsom morehouse Mo i Rana NORWAY Finished
Kristy Berington LoriJ Knik AK USA Finished
Richie Diehl Virginia Aniak AK USA Finished
Ryan Redington johnvassel Skagway AK USA Scratched
Mats Pettersson lokimmie Kiruna SWEDEN Finished
Jessica Klejka crwatk Wasilla AK USA Finished
Ramey Smyth crwatk Willow AK USA Finished
Jeff King ConnieD Denali AK USA Finished
Aliy Zirkle baggerdog Two Rivers AK USA Finished
Anja Radano johnvassel Talkeetna AK USA Finished
Blair Braverman DieselDogNfamily Mountain WI USA Finished
Nicolas Petit LoriJ Girdwood AK USA Scratched
Martin Buser morehouse Big Lake AK USA Finished
Emily Maxwell datman17 Iowa City IA USA Scratched
Matt Hall rescuemal Two Rivers AK USA Finished
Lev Shvarts rescuemal Willow AK USA Scratched
Jeff Deeter Eileen Leunig Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Linwood Fiedler Kerri/Susan Willow AK USA Finished
Marcelle Fressineau morehouse Whitehorse YT CANADA Scratched
Shaynee Traska LoriJ Gladwin MI USA Scratched
Cindy Abbott sminch1@yahoo.com Willow AK USA Scratched
Anna Berington ermdck Knik AK USA Finished
Kristin Bacon Larry Brodersen Big Lake AK USA Finished
Michael Baker kapnick Willow AK USA Finished
Aaron Peck wliesch Grande Prairie AB CANADA Finished
Ed Hopkins Joni Carcross YT CANADA Finished
Sebastien Dos Santos Borges crwatk Chazey-Bons France Scratched
Mitch Seavey lokimmie Seward AK USA Finished
Victoria Hardwick Kerri/Susan Bethel AK USA Finished
Robert Redington morehouse Willow AK USA Scratched
Alison Lifka Nettie Lambert Willow AK USA Finished
Brett Bruggeman DieselDogNfamily Great Falls MT USA Scratched
Charley Bejna Eileen Leunig Addison IL USA Finished
Jeremy Keller datman17 Knik AK USA Finished
Niklas Wikstrand morehouse Nes i Akershus NORWAY Scratched
Richie Beattie bgendron@musicdirect.com Two Rivers AK USA Scratched
Martin Apayauq Reitan bgendron@musicdirect.com Kaktovik AK USA Finished
Paige Drobny baggerdog Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Michi Konno lokimmie Willow AK USA Scratched
Seth Barnes Joni Willow AK USA Finished
Wade Marrs sminch1@yahoo.com Willow AK USA Finished
Aaron Burmeister Virginia Nome/Nenana AK USA Finished
Cindy Gallea morehouse Wykoff MN USA Scratched
Lance Mackey wliesch Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Katherine Keith kapnick Kotzebue AK USA Scratched
Sarah Stokey morehouse Seward AK USA Finished
Travis Beals Nettie Lambert Seward AK USA Scratched
Ryan Santiago Virginia Sterling AK USA Finished