• 2021 Iditarod
Musher list
There are currently 53 Mushers registered to run
We have 53 Mushers reserved
Mushers can be reserved for $15.00 each. Once all mushers are reserved, a double blind draw will assign mushers to everyone with reservations
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Musher Name Claimed by City State Country Status
Paige Drobny karankin2 Cantwell AK USA Scratched
Martin Buser Blakwuff Big Lake AK USA Finished
Riley Dyche Eileen Leunig Fairbanks AK USA Scratched
Dan Kaduce johnvassel Chatanika AK USA Finished
Ryne Olson lwinscott Two Rivers AK USA Finished
Joanna Jagow rescuemal Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Dennis Kananowicz Chihockey52 Tolsona AK USA Scratched
Jeff Deeter bhauck Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Michelle Phillips nailtk1960 Tagish YT CANADA Finished
Matt Hall baggerdog Two Rivers AK USA Scratched
Ryan Redington kimdata1 Skagway AK USA Finished
Gunnar Johnson baggerdog Duluth MN USA Finished
Brent Sass BGMCB75 Eureka AK USA Scratched
Jeremy Traska lokimmie Two Rivers AK USA Finished
Marcelle Fressineau dserpico Whitehorse YT CANADA Withdrawn
Karin Hendrickson lwinscott Willow AK USA Withdrawn
Lev Shvarts Eileen Leunig Willow AK USA Finished
Wade Marrs karankin2 Willow AK USA Finished
Aaron Peck Kerri/Susan Grande Prairie AB CANADA Scratched
Nicolas Petit crbruggs Girdwood AK USA Finished
Gabe Dunham wsilhavy Willow AK USA Withdrawn
Cody Strathe Kerri/Susan Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Susannah Tuminelli LosGatosMalos Willow AK USA Finished
Will Troshynski BGMCB75 Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Chad Stoddard bhauck Anchorage USA Scratched
Ramey Smyth DieselDognFamily Willow AK USA Finished
Anna Berington Emma5thdog Knik AK USA Scratched
Kristy Berington Larry Brodersen Knik AK USA Scratched
Christopher Parker Vicky Fairbanks AK USA Scratched
Dakota Schlosser Chihockey52 Willow AK USA Finished
Aaron Burmeister Chihockey52 Nome/Nenana AK USA Scratched
Hal Hanson rescuemal Kenai AK USA Scratched
Dallas Seavey lokimmie Talkeetna AK USA Finished
Jessie Royer sminch1@yahoo.com Fairbanks AK USA Finished
Richie Diehl nailtk1960 Aniak AK USA Finished
Joar Leifseth Ulsom Kapnick Mo i Rana NORWAY Finished
Shaynee Traska Barb Wetzel Gladwin MI USA Withdrawn
Peter Kaiser baggerdog Bethel AK USA Finished
Matthew Failor LosGatosMalos Willow AK USA Scratched
Aliy Zirkle lwinscott Two Rivers AK USA Finished
Travis Beals Kapnick Seward AK USA Finished
Alan Eischens wsilhavy Wasilla AK USA Withdrawn
Sean Williams Blakwuff Chugiak AK USA Withdrawn
Joshua McNeal Chihockey52 Fairbanks AK USA Scratched
Mille Porsild lokimmie DENMARK Scratched
Quince Mountain lokimmie Mountain WI USA Withdrawn
Brenda Mackey johnvassel Two Rivers AK USA Scratched
Jessie Holmes Stahlhut232323 Brushkana AK USA Finished
Rick Casillo dserpico Talkeetna AK USA Scratched
Cindy Gallea DieselDognFamily Wykoff MN USA Scratched
Sean Underwood bhauck Talkeetna AK USA Scratched
Victoria Hardwick dserpico Bethel AK USA Finished
Larry Daugherty Chihockey52 Eagle River AK USA Finished