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Love, Laugh, Woof 
by Lynn Stacy-Smith (Autographed)
"A Guide to Being Your Dog's Forever Owner"
"A combination of anecdotes and instructional materials, Love, Laugh, Woof offers a look at Smith's philosphy on dog ownership, Love, Laugh, Woof is a way of life and a set of beliefs that she follows to be a loving, thoughtful and fair dog owner."
Stacy is a life long dog lover who is committed to helping people understand their animals and the responsibilities that are involved when you bring a pet into your home.
This Book was donated and personally signed, by Author Lynn Stacey-Smith. at a rescue event for Wook's Books.  IAMRA extends their sincerest thanks to Stacy for supporting our rescue efforts and for her canine compassion.  We appreciate your kindness!
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