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The Glorious 4th of July
by Diane C. Arkins
(This book is autographed by the autographed by the author)

This festively illustrated Book, about our country’s Independence, has many treasures from our patriotic past for young and old to enjoy.

"It would seem as though the lively lads of the country can never die, nor can the exuberance of their patriotic spirit be put to blush by the most fiery sun.  Proof of this can be furnished on any desired 4th of July, between the hours of 9 a.m. and [midnight], when the juvenile portion of the community wages war upon everybody and everything, popping, cracking, whizzing, booming, banging and shouting in honor of the extreme elevation attained or attainable by the ambitious fowl, the Bird of Freedom."

~The New York Times, July 5, 1867

Thank you to a generous supporter of rescue for this wonderful book honoring our Nation's Birthday.  Your support of the Malamutes is much appreciated!

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