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by H.M. (Hal) Young, 
Illustrated by Barbara Branham
This 2007,First Edition Book is Autographed by both the Author & Illustrator

(It would be a welcomed gift for anyone…even you.)

The HUSKIES AND THE CHRISTMAS FAWN is a work of imaginary brilliance.  It is insightful, delightful and teaches meaningful life lessons in an entertaining and thought provoking way.  Once you own it and read it, the edges will begin to wear and favorite pages may even dog ear as love handles it over and over…and, like “THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS”, it will become a fireside classic, in your home, to read to youngsters & northern breed enthusiasts, year after year, when the snow begins to fall.

The author, Hal Young, has been a valuable, long time volunteer for Adopt A Husky www.adoptahusky.com and a Siberian Husky admirer and companion for his own and several foster Siberians.  His love of the northern breed, found him a need to put pen to the paper and create an incredible story for his grandchildren to enjoy.  The story inspired Adopt a Husky founder, the late, Lois Leonard…”With the writing completed, Hal asked me to read and proof his effort.  What I discovered was a sweet and heartwarming tale, and as I read it I thought of how adaptable it was to illustration…”

The artistic talent of Siberian devotee, Barb Branham (long time www.sos-srf.org volunteer) was able to reach into the imaginary dream of the author & pull out some extraordinary illustrations to depict the narrative “tail.”  It truly touches the heart.

This book has been donated, by AAHI, in loving memory of Adopt a Husky alumni, Merlin who journeyed, earlier this year, to the Rainbow Bridge to join Lois and his canine sibling, Pepper(book character too) & many others.  

Merlin (a lead characters in the book) was Hal and his wife Pat’s regally handsome White Siberian Husky, who really had a magical side and inspiration that helped his dad’s creation.

IAMRA extends their sincerest appreciation to Adopt A Husky & the mini-mushers, for donating this book to our Wook’s Book auction.  Inspiration, participation & perspiration are what make rescue so successful.


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