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SILVER HARNESS and Words from the Heart
and Words from the Heart
by Margaret Wingerter 
This is the only book in our auction that is not autographed.  The book was compiled, after Mararet's death because of her inspiring words that comforted others.  She was a blessing to many and a source of peace to those who she shared her heart.
"Margaret was blessed with a gift for writing poetry and essays about her life with Malamutes.  She also wrote poems when a friend or family member lost a beloved pet.
Margaret fought hard to beat her ovarian cancer, however it took her away from us in September 2011.
 I wanted to pull together as many of hese poems as possible so they could be published as a keepsake of her.  I hope you enjoy the book.    - Carol Januszewski
Your generosity and support for the dogs in IAMRA's care will truly make Margaret smile from the Rainbow Bridge and a chorus of Alaskan Malamutes will surely raise a head and howl.  Thank you for supporting Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association
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