Adoption Application Form:

Thank you for our interest in our dogs.  We would appreciate your answering the following questions so that we can more easily test/select the right puppy/dog for you.  All information if confidential to rescue. Thank you for your cooperation and help in answering our questions. IAMRA is all-volunteer, so it may be several days before you receive a call  or email  regarding your application - please be patient!

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What qualities do you like in the Malamute? Please be specific about type of personality you prefer.
What don't you want to find in a Malamute? List ANY qualities that would be a "deal breaker" and would not allow you to keep a dog
Have you ever applied with any other shelters/rescues and what was the result?
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What brand of dog food do you feed?
What would you do if your dog bit someone? 
How would you handle an unexpected emergency vet bill for several thousand dollars? 
Please list any previous dogs owned, indicate those that were owned as family dogs, and those you obtained on your own as an adult:
Where are they now?
Dogs present at home now, and vet status
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What type of heartworm preventative do you use/do you give it year round?
How long will the dog be left home alone on average and when left alone where will it be?
Other pets currently owned:
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 Would you be willing to obedience train a dog that you received from IAMRA if it was recommended or required as being in the best interests of the dog and you?        
Would you be willing to allow a rescue member to visit your home by appointment? 
How did you hear about the Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association?
Please add any other information you wish us to consider in placing one of our Malamutes with you.  We would appreciate it if you would give us some insight into the expectations you may have for this addition to your family. Please be as specific as possible.

Please note: To submit an application, you must enter a First name, Last name and a phone number or email address.
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Thank you again.  Your interest is deeply appreciated. You will see a form confirmation page after submitting. If you get an error message, please resubmit your application. IAMRA is all-volunteer, we will respond as quickly as we are able, by phone or email, usually within several days.

Note: If you do not hear from us within a week after submitting your application, please  email us at with the words PENDING APPLICATION in the subject line. Include your name, number, and date of application, and a volunteer will get back to you right away 

Also, form can be printed out and faxed to 847-259-0258 or mailed to IAMRA 200 E Evergreen #103 Mt Prospect IL 60056

Adoptions are based on approval. IAMRA works very hard to match the right dog with the right person/family. IAMRA reserves the right to refuse adoptors.